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Pro Tools 10: Pro Audio Production


From the amazing new AAX plug-in format, to major advances in workflow, file handling, and cross-software compatibility, Pro Tools 10 brings you some of the most requested and innovative features of any Pro Tools release ever. Run your sessions in up to 32-bit FP/192kHz format, access hundreds of functions with your EUCON-equipped control surface, tap into the power of Avid's new Channel Strip plug-in, and much more. Whether you're into music recording or media post production, you're going to love the exciting new features in Pro Tools 10.

  • New AAX Plug-in Format!
  • Major Workflow Enhancements!
  • Powerful Tools for Post and Music!
  • Includes Avid's Channel Strip Plug-in!
  • Advanced EUCON Compatibility!



Avid's new Pro Tools 10 is the biggest update to the industry-standard recording platform to date. We've had a chance to dig deeper into Pro Tools 10 and hear it in action, and we want to make sure Sweetwater fans get the inside scoop on why this is such a valuable upgrade. Many of the new features are workflow enhancements, and now that we've had time to work with Pro Tools 10, we can safely say you'll be able to work faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Here's what you need to know if you'd like to upgrade from a previous version of Pro Tools to Pro Tools 10:

  • If you own Pro Tools 9 and registered it after October 1, 2011, you are eligible for a free upgrade to Pro Tools 10.
  • If you purchased a student version of Pro Tools 9, you are eligible for a free upgrade to Pro Tools 10 (regardless of when you registered).
  • If you own Pro Tools 8 or earlier, or Pro Tools M-Powered, there are upgrade paths available - call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer to find the correct upgrade path for you.
  • If you own Pro Tools HD 9/8/7, there are upgrade paths available. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer to find the correct upgrade path for you.
  • You can trade in your Pro Tools HD interfaces and DSP cards towards a new HDX system - there are many options available, so call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer to find the correct trade-in option for you.

So what can you expect when you dive into Pro Tools 10? In short, a faster and more streamlined DAW experience than ever before. Now that we've had some time to get hands-on experience with Pro Tools 10 in our own studios, here's what we can tell you:


We've taken the new Disk Engine for a test drive, and we can say for sure that this version of Pro Tools is the fastest ever. Your sessions will load faster, you can now use multiple file formats in the same session - no waiting to convert! That's especially huge if you collaborate with other artists, as you'll be able to share files easier. And if you're a Pro Tools HD user (or have the Complete Production Toolkit), you can now load your session into RAM for an even faster workflow. We've tried it, and it's awesome!

New Channel Strip and Mod Delay III plug-ins

After we've used these plugs on actual sessions, we can say that they do indeed sound awesome. Take a look at the price of some great third-party channel strip and delay plug-ins, then take a look at the price of Pro Tools 10 - the price of Pro Tools 10 is worth these plug-ins alone. The Channel Strip plug-in is particularly suited for use on every session - it's the same processing found in the Euphonix System 5 Console, regarded as one of the best sounding channel strips around!

New Down Mixer plug-in

If you work on post production or multimedia projects, you'll love the new Down Mixer plug-in. It makes it fast and easy to convert up to 7.1 surround mixes down to 5.1, 2.1, and other channel configurations. The summing is impeccable, and the tracks we've down-mixed sound fantastic.

Enhanced EUCON Support

This makes Pro Tools 10 the perfect match for the Artist Series controllers by Avid. If you mix with your mouse you may not see the value here, but if you want to use a control surface that can access over 500 commands and functions directly within Pro Tools you'll love the combo. This enhanced integration basically gives you access to every Pro Tools 10 menu command from your EUCON-enabled control surface, so you'll get more functionality and integration from your control surface than ever before. That means you'll be able to work faster and more efficiently.

Clip gain

In Pro Tools 10, "regions" have become "clips." That's not exciting by itself, but what is exciting is that you can now quickly adjust the volume of individual clips without having to adjust automation or affect other audio on the same track. Power users like post engineers and pro-studio mixers will love this one. You can even convert your clips' gain to automation, convert your automation to clip gain settings, and even import clip gain settings from Media Composer sessions!

Real-time fades

This one speeds up your workflow, and solves the problem of missing or corrupt fade files. The best part is that you can now add and edit fades during playback, creating a much smoother workflow for you. There's also a new Overlapping Crossfades view, that gives you fine control over fades.

Export to New Session

Choose the tracks you want and export them to a new session. This is perfect for creating sub-mix sessions, or a fast and easy way to work on an alternate mix of a project. If you just saved a new copy of the session you'd need to remove automation, plug-ins, mixer settings, and so on. This lets you start the mix from scratch, with all your audio locked into place.

Publish Your Music

Now you can publish your finished mix directly to your SoundCloud account, right from the Pro Tools 10 session. You can also export directly to iTunes. Digital distribution is the norm in the music industry, and these features mean Pro Tools 10 will save you a lot of time in your studio.

If you rely on Pro Tools in your profession as your money-maker, you'll want to look hard at how much time the new version can save you with its workflow enhancements. Post-production engineers will want PT 10 just for its new Disk Engine, let alone the other new enhancements. Pro mix engineers will love being able to create and edit fades in real-time, as well as the new enhanced AudioSuite plug-in processing. They now support targeting so you can keep multiple AudioSuite windows open at once, making it easier to process several clips with more than one plug-in.

Home studio engineers and hobbyists don't miss out either. The new Channel Strip and delay plug-ins sound awesome, and when you look at the price of comparable third-party plug-ins it's a no-brainer. And it's also easier than ever to publish your projects, with direct uploads to your SoundCloud account and a "Bounce to iTunes" feature.