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Clapton’s Long Lost “Beano” in Hands of Collector?


Eric Clapton's "Beano" Les Paul, the "Holy Grail" of missing guitars, might not be missing after all, according to Joe Bonamassa. Earlier this week, Bonamassa told Guitarist magazine that the famous Sunburst LP—which was stolen at a Cream rehearsal in 1966—is in the possession of an American collector.

“It's a '59, not a '60, [and] it's got double-white [humbucker] in the front and it's got a double-black [in the bridge]," said Bonamassa. "It has a pretty plain top and it is in a collection on the East Coast of America. That's all I can tell you--and that's all I will say.

It still exists and I haven't seen it, but I have it on good authority from people who have. And it's got the little 'fingerprint' by the pots and they can trace it back."

An avid collector himself, Bonamassa wondered aloud whether Clapton would want the guitar returned to him after all these years. "Would he even recognize it 50 years on?" he asked. “I guess so. Maybe it'd be different if he'd scratched his name on the back of the headstock or had recorded the serial number. But then Jimmy Page has got back his Custom three-pickup that he played in the Albert Hall in 1969."

Clapton famously used the "Beano 'Burst" during his tenure with the Blues Breakers, forging his style on such breakthrough tracks as a cover of Freddie King's "Hideaway."

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